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Gilbert G 2.jpg

Gilbert Garcia

Certified Personal Trainer

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Tara Drown

Certified Personal Trainer

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Aaron Harrison

Certified Personal Trainer

Lynda Horinek

"Aaron pushes me to be a better me. He lives what he teaches. Aaron will always be a part of my health and wellness program. Thank you Aaron!"

Edwin Hagen

"I really enjoy my exercise at Pinnacle since I joined. It's really convenient to my work schedule and family life. I've had some good training sessions and feel I am getting stronger."

Samantha Justice

"My trainer has taught me that when it comes to physical fitness, there is no finish line!"

Brett Dietz

"Since joining Pinnacle nearly 2 years ago my wife and I couldn't be more happy. Brandon has shown us the correct way to lift keeping us from getting injured. I have become leaner while keeping my strength."

Reshonda Smith 

"My training has been very beneficial. I have been able to lose bodyfat and build muscle at the same time. My A1Cs and blood pressure have gone down and my doctor is happy!"

Freida Schriner 

"We are very pleased with our experience at Pinnacle. In a short amount of time we felt comfortable with the members and the staff. Consequently we are very satisfied after we leave after our workouts. Gilbert and the other trainers are available when we need them."

  If you are having trouble staying motivated, are not confident in your plan, or just want a professional guiding you then take advantage of personal training. Pinnacle trainers will make sure that you are utilizing your time in the most efficient and productive manner possible. On many occasions people expend valuable time and energy to only end up frustrated with their lack of progress.  If you are not 100% confident in what you are doing then consider utilizing a trainer to maximize your progress. All Pinnacle Fitness personal trainers are required to hold certifications and most have been training clients for many years. Unlike many health clubs and large corporate gyms we do not offer one size fits all personal trainer programs. Our trainers all specialize in certain areas of personal training such as weight loss, injury rehabilitation, senior fitness, sports performance and others. We don't believe in high pressure sales or cookie cutter programs. Our overall business model of quality of quantity extends into our personal training program. You can be confident that when you take advantage of the personal training program at Pinnacle you are working with a professional. 


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